Hampton Jitney Cleaning Guidelines

1. Cleaning and Disinfecting nightly: At the most fundamental level, there are two critical yet different steps in creating a safe travelling environment: Cleaning: The removal of dirt and other impurities from all surfaces. This will reduce the level of germs and pathogens, by removing them, but will not kill them. Disinfecting: The use of EPA/CDC approved chemicals that will kill germs and pathogens.

Hampton Jitney uses a 31-point cleaning and disinfecting checklist on a nightly basis. This 31-point check list is performed before a coach ever leaves our facility and includes:

  • Wipe down dash and driver area with bleach mixture
  • Clean front windows, driver and door windows
  • Clean cup holders, seatback trays, arm rests with bleach mixture
  • Vacuum seats
  • Clean and wipe down overhead luggage compartments and handrails with bleach mixture
  • Sweep all of driver area and steps
  • Mop entire bus including driver’s area and steps with bleach mixture
  • Spray disinfectant in passenger areas as needed

2. Cleaning and Disinfecting between trips: To help prevent the spread of illnesses and provide the best level of service possible, Hampton Jitneyhas taken the steps of wiping down surfaces that people frequently touch during trips. The areas we focus on are:

  • The handrails
  • The seat handles
  • The arm rests
  • The area under the window people rest their arms
  • The bathroom door handle
  • Touch surfaces in the bathroom

3. Hospital Grade Disinfection Process: Hampton Jitney offers an extra level of disinfection with our CURIS System.   The CURIS System is a fogging machine which uses a hydrogen peroxide mist to kill virtually all pathogens on any surface air touches.  

It is the same medical disinfection technology used in hospitals and ambulances; In Laboratory verified studies it is proven to eliminate hard to kill germs like C. diff, MRSA and Bacteria as well as Corona and Flu Viruses, Spores and Mold on 100% of surfaces treated.